Cyclist of the Month – William Hudgens

May’s Cyclist of the Month is local shredder William Hudgens. He reminds us that cyclists come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. His passion for bikes started young, and honestly it sounds like he’s just getting started!

Pedal Movement – How long have you been riding bikes?

William Hudgens – Since I was five years old.

PM – What was your first bike when you were five?

WH – It was a target bike, I started on training wheels for like a year.

PM – And how many bikes have you had since then?

WH – Probably like ten.

PM – Ten bikes!? How old are you?

WH – Twelve.

PM – And you’ve had ten bikes between age five and twelve? That’s impressive. Tell me about your current bike.

WH – Okay, so I got this bike from my grandma and it didn’t look anything like what it looks like now. The tires were so messed up and everything, but my grandpa helped me put a front brake on it and basically deck it out, bought all the stuff for it, and helped me build it up.

PM – Can you explain the toilet paper sticker on your seat?

WH – I mean… I saw the sticker and I thought it’s just meant to be. It had to go on the seat, it only makes sense.

PM – It looks good, dude. So what do you like about biking?

WH – It gives me an adrenaline rush, and plus just going out for a ride is so relaxing, you know? All in all, it’s just really fun to do. I love riding everywhere, like I ride in Long Beach, in LA, everywhere that I can. It’s really fun.

PM – What’s your favorite place to ride?

WH – Probably LA. I like riding downtown where all the big buildings and stuff are. I do like riding in Long Beach, though, cause I know everybody.

PM – Have you made friends riding?

WH – Yeah! I have a group of friends and we usually go to the TTB ride outs, it’s a group of like twenty people and we usually go from Long Beach to LA, stop at a place to eat, then continue riding back. I do that pretty often, and I also ride a lot with this kid named Keshawn (he has a pretty cool bike) but he’s moving in a couple weeks, so I’m gonna miss riding with him.

PM – Are there any riders you look up to? Who inspires you?

WH – I forget his name, but he’s TTB Official on instagram (editors note: we can’t figure out which TTB Official he is) he does wheelies and stuff, it’s pretty cool. One day I want to be able to do that too.

PM – What’s your dream bike?

WH – An SE Bikes Big Ripper. 26” wheels. 

PM – What’s the number one thing you’ve learned while riding a bike?

WH – Pay attention. Always. If you lose concentration for even one second, everything could be over, you know? If you don’t pay attention and roll into a street you can get hit. When I first started riding I wasn’t paying so much attention and almost got hit, so since then I know to check for people around or behind you.

PM – You’re not old enough to drive yet, but what do you feel like people who drive don’t understand about people who bike?

WH – A car kills the environment, you know? Biking is a whole movement meant to stop killing the environment. People just think that a car is faster and more efficient, but for a bicycle you get exercise, the fun-ness of riding, and you get to the destination. In a car you just get to the destination. I don’t drive yet, but it honestly doesn’t look as fun as riding a bike. 

Riding a bike is, like, the greatest experience ever. Just riding down a hill, you know what I mean? Man, it’s the best.

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