Bike Share Operations

Maintenance and Support for Shared Mobility Fleets

We keep micromobility networks rolling

It takes a team to keep micromobility networks thriving. Regular maintenance and strategic rebalancing ensures vehicles are ready to go and safe to ride whenever and wherever people need them. When riders need assistance with their account, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to help.

Maintenance & Rebalancing

Experienced bicycle technicians

An effective maintenance strategy requires continuous attention. We rely on workflows developed by on-the-ground mechanics and rebalancers, and support them with up-to-date real-world data.

Customer Support

From helping new riders choose a membership plan to resolving field inquiries, our customer support team provides expert help. Highly familiar with every component of our hardware and software, the Pedal Movement team is able to identify and avoid potential costly issues before they arise.

How To Get Started


We develop a comprehensive maintenance plan based on system goals. We assess fleet size, system area, and myriad other factors to determine a scope of service.


Comprehensive training
Good maintenance begins with highly-skilled technicians. We provide industry-leading job training and ongoing professional support for every team member.


Preventative Maintenance
We believe the best maintenance is done ahead of time. Pedal Movement performs routine multi-point inspections and assesses system health on an ongoing basis.

Success Stories