Inspire Individuals, Activate Communities

Bicycles bring people together

Accessible community programming to support an active transportation lifestyle

Popup Bicycle VALET PARKING & Technicians

We make events bicycle-friendly

On-site secure bicycle parking makes businesses and events more accessible. Pedal Movement Bicycle Valets help business owners and event organizers attract more visitors by removing the largest barrier to entry for bicycle transportation: secure parking.

Pedal Movement was born when three friends set up free bicycle valet parking outside local bars. Now, we do it everywhere. 

Safety & Maintenance Classes

One of the leading barriers to entry for active transportation is a lack of information. We teach hands-on bicycle maintenance clinics, rules of the road courses, and introductory workshops for kids, adults, and families. Pedal Movement believes everyone should feel confident riding a bike in their city.

Bike & Helmet Programs

We’ve organized bicycle recycling programs for cities and free helmet programs for schools and group rides. Bicycles change lives, and helmets save lives. We try to get as many of each as we can into the hands of kids, adults, families, and individuals.

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Moonlight Mash – Krampus Boxing Day (Holiday Ride)

20:00 - 22:00

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