Mobility Solutions for Everyone

End to end solutions for sustainable and accessible cities.

What We Do

We design, implement, and operate active transportation programs for communities of all sizes.

Rethinking Urban Transportation

We believe that when more people use active transportation, communities prosper. In order to create safer, healthier, and more livable cities, active transportation needs to be accessible for everyone.

Pedal Movement is in the business of making cities more accessible so communities can be healthier, safer, and more livable for everyone—one revolution at a time.


Bike Share Operations

Bike Share Operations

Maintenance and Support

Pedal Movement is committed to providing living wages and competitive benefits to bicycle mechanics, which leads to industry-leading service and optimized efficiency for bike share fleets.

Mobility Hub Networks

Mobility Hub Networks

Bicycle Parking Services

One of the primary barriers to entry for bicycling and active transportation is access to secure parking. Pedal Movement creates access to essential active transportation services where it is needed most.



Activate and Inspire

A thriving active transportation network begins with an engaged community of bicyclists. Pedal Movement activates communities in every city we call home.

Case Studies