We believe education is the first step toward sustainable transportation.

We can help make your event bicycle friendly.

One of the main reasons people avoid bicycles
is a lack of information.

Riding safely requires skill & knowledge.

Bicycle maintenance can be intimidating.

Events are designed around car-centricity.

We help change that.

Everyone should feel confident
riding a bike in their city.

What Else We're Doing

If it has to do with bikes, we can help.

In order to create safer, healthier, and more livable cities, alternative transportation needs to be an option for everyone.

One of the main barriers-to-entry for bicycling is a lack of information. Pedal Movement helps inspire active transportation use by equipping communities through free safety classes, maintenance workshops, and event support services.

We believe that when more people use bicycles for transportation, streets are safer and communities prosper. That’s where we come in—we are alternative transportation experts who remove barriers-to-entry for bicycling and help transform the way cities move.

We understand what bicyclists need because, first and foremost, we are bicyclists. That’s how we’ve helped the City of Long Beach become one of the top 10 most bicycle friendly cities in the US. We simplify the process of making cities more accessible by identifying your unique transportation challenges and tailoring a strategic solution specific to your city.

We have extensive experience managing bike share systems, maintaining private bicycle fleets, staffing and operating bike maintenance facilities, and running bicycle education programs for schools, cities, and companies.

Essentially, if it has to do with bikes, we can help.

Pedal Movement is in the business of making cities more accessible so communities can be healthier, safer, and more livable for everyone—one revolution at a time.